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Prison and Lawbreakers

            A person who violates or breaks the law is classified as law breakers, criminal offenders, perpetrator, convict, jailbird and etc. The right retribution for villainous crime such as rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping and other crime of extreme violence is imprisonment. According to the International Centre for prison studies, total count of prisoners in Malaysia in year 2007 was 50305, whereas in June 2013 it has decreased to 39,144(("international centre for prison studies"). This has proven that imprisonment is one of the best ways to reduce crime rate in Malaysia and any other country. Therefore, a convict should be imprisoned for his or her offence.
             First of all, law breakers have to face their consequences for their offence in the prison. Life as a prisoner will be very miserable and they will not tend to repeat the mistake again. It is totally different from the outside world and society. Everything a prisoner do has to be done on time, for example eating, bathing, sleeping and other activities. Moreover, twenty four hours their movement will be watched closely to avoid any fights and quarrel among the prisoner. As per our government law, punishment for a drug addict is under "Akta Penagih Dadah (Rawatan & Pemulihan) 1983 " which is two years of jail for first time addicted, and with that much of punishment he or she will not tend to do it again ("unit antidadah sempadan padang besar" 11 9, 2010 ). As a prove, Park Jae Sang also known as ganggam style was a drug addict (smoke marijuana) and was sent to prison for many years, yet he did not repeat his mistakes again, perhaps he changed his life to be a better person and role model to many.
             (London 10 25, 2012).
             Besides that, it will also be a lesson and awareness to whoever intend to the crime. Law and punishment in Malaysian system is worth the crime done by law breakers. When law breakers go through their punishment and it is published in newspaper or online indirectly those who intend to do the crime will have the fear to convict it.

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