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The Great Enlightenment

            Enlightenment greatly influenced the French Revolution to emphasize the importance of the person who caused a boost to the universal rights through the use of reason and logic that caused people to examine the intelligence of the social hierarchy traditional, and challenging traditional authority figures, such as King of France. ".
             The Enlightenment and religion is so important to argued that an exaggeration of the role of deism has led to a lack of commitment to traditional religious forces for change (Black). .
             Also focuses on the question: What was the general character of intellectual phenomenon we call the Enlightenment? According to Barnett, also states that "its aim has been to begin to illustrate the problems inherent in the history of lighting too based on the discourses of enlightened elite, because in most cases, his writings had little impact on changing religious and reform "(Barnett 6). talk about "why the myth of a deist movement has remained important for Enlightenment studies, even when the evidence [offered] was [significantly] insufficient" (Barnett 7). Examine the "claims by a deist movement, the actual number of verifiable deists, the problem of defining deism and how the desire to identify and validate the roots of modernity has led to long-term distortion of historical evidence and subsequent interpretation "(Barnett 7). He discusses Diderot's article 'Political Authority, "which appeared in the first edition of the Encyclopedia in 1751, but questioned what exactly Diderot was thinking, and presents information that could have used other documents in the composition of its article "Political Authority '. .
             "While Enlightenment thinkers were simply looking at the world in a more empirical way and not necessarily challenge the political and social fiber of nations, ideas of individualism, the use of reason and logic, and challenging figures authorities traditional issues became important meeting place for various revolutionary movements.

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