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Conducting a Succesful Project or Study

            Generally the project has been extremely successful in research with a various effective methods of surveys and research. Insiders consultancy had create a survey in social media through Facebook, people who walk around Flinders train station and corporate in Melbourne CBD. People who completed the survey will receive a discount voucher that stick with a flyers, which also will create more awareness of Escape room and attract people who walk around Flinders station. Only a week that our team hand out the flyers, there are more like on Escape room page, which mean that people who live in Melbourne are more aware of our clients business. .
             The team was highly successful both in research and survey that we had done in order to find our target market and where to set up our road show. The team was satisfied with the options presented for Escape room. From the research it has shown that many corporate still struggling with the team work skills in their office as Melbourne have a mix culture between Eastern and Western which is hard to for employees to make friends that had different culture and mindset. Escape room is an entertainment activity which also provide a set of skill that corporate need in order to growth their team work skills in the office as it is an activities that boost up the team work skills by make everyone understand the dynamic of teamwork, clarify team building goals and individual roles, Team meeting after work, Facilitate exercises and activities and use problem as an opportunity to strengthen teamwork through out the game with the limit of 45 minutes. This real life puzzle game concept will assist the staff in developing important skills in creative problem solving, keen observations and logical reasoning. The game structure will facilitate corporate staff to work better as a team, to delegate tasks more effectively and to manage their time more efficiently.

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