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Waking Up to Dunkin' Donuts

            The zooming of cars at five o'clock in the morning tells you it is rush hour. Driving fast is necessary to get to work on time. So you have to keep up. Getting out the car I started walking to the doors of dunkin donuts. I had noticed that the parking lot was empty. But it was probably because it was five o'clock in the morning. As I opened the second door the freshly baked donut smell hit me like a runaway train. This is when I knew that work had only just began.
             Concentrating on what the customers says and what your co-workers say is one very important skill that I learned from working at dunkin donuts. My co-workers have told me that if there is a big order, think through it and make it accurately, speed does affect the order but in some cases you have to take your time and complete it. My listening and communication skills has consistently proved this fact. I found out time and time again that if I take my time, I would do relatively well on making the customers order. On the flip side, if I had doubts and believed I would fail, my performance proved my mindset. There is one specific day that stands out in my mind. It was a normal July morning. The sun betted down on the black asphalt road, but the temperature remained cool in the morning. Stepping out of the car and walking to the door of dunkin donuts was dreadful, at that moment I knew that today was going to be a very long and hot day. Walking inside the air-conditioned building felt like jumping into a pool filled with ice. Which also woke me up. Putting on my uniform was the first thing that had to be done without the uniform I wouldn't be able to work. The customers started to roll in one by one. But when I looked at the clock I knew that it was rush hour. The moment I looked away from the clock there was a ginormous line that went out through both doors. Everything was perfect, except when I saw that line. My mind was set to high gear.

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