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Stream of Consciousness Essay

             There isn't enough time in the world for me to explain every single thing that bugs me. Being a teen in high school, with society nowadays, you could only imagine how many different things bug me. For instance, I hate people who are afraid to make new friends. It aggravates me. Teens in this generation don't think it's socially acceptable to make friends outside of social media. They think it's weird to go up to a person and make conversation. We all snapchat, tweet, and text so many different people who we can't even say a simple hello to in the halls. It isn't right. It just doesn't make sense to me. And that is exactly one of the main things that bug me. People who are afraid to make friends are like turtles that hide in their shells. Why should we live under the fear of not being able to befriend people? It's stupid and utterly disgusting, at least in my opinion. It bugs me.
             You know what else bugs me? People who act different towards you when they're with their friends vs. when they're just alone with you. They treat you so well when you're texting or hanging just with you two, but then when they see their friends, it's like you're invisible. You're a ghost to them. It's awful. I also hate those people who use you. For example, you could be friends with a certain girl who's maybe a little more "popular" or more "athletic" than you are, though she's hiding your friendship. She'd be the type of person to text me and vent to me about her boy problems or maybe ask me for the math homework every other day but wouldn't invite me to a party she's having. It's called being fake, and in my case, it's called being used. It sucks being that guy. People take advantage of you and act like it's totally okay. It's not and it bugs me.
             So many more things bug me though, especially people who become famous for no reason. Rich yet talentless snobby cowards. Those kids who live off of their parents money and think they can just be famous because they have money.

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