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Letter to the Editor: Edward Snowden

             Edward Snowden is an American Computer Professional who leaked information from the the National Security Agency on June of 2013. With Snowdens' actions the society variously called him a hero, traitor, and so on. What makes him so much of a hated person in the United States is that he broke the rules and ultimately betrayed us. He embarrassed some of the most he important leaders in Washington D.C. By committing these actions he broke the law by giving out and disclosing classified information. What he gave out could be potentially harmful to the security of the United States. .
             The world was angry at him because of his actions. Snowden seemed as mysterious as some alien from another planet. Some of these documents included American secrets that could be harmful to the United States in the hands of our nation's enemies. Others revealed how the NSA was spying on American citizens, which raised Civil Right enthusiasts. Other documents focused on how the United States spied on its own allies. For instance the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel wanted some confirmation from Obama to make sure her phone has not been tapped into or not. .
             When Edward Snowden released those documents he fled to Russia as soon as possible. The question everybody asked was, "Is Edward Snowden an American Hero or a villainous traitor to his country? " The answer to that question really depended on the opinion of the person reading the article. According to certain factions in the United States government administration, he is indeed a villain. However in the opinion of most everyday Americans and a few important players on the political field, he is a hero. Luckily for Snowden, he was supported by many who believed that his efforts to expose our governments spying tactics were justified and well overdue. .
             Since he made his way to Russia he plans to live a normal lifestyle. This lifestyle however, came at the cost of his family and friends.

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