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Solutions to the Snowden Security Breech

            After the security breach by Snowden, who leaked out very sensitive information to the media, solutions should be brought out to fight this security matter. The matter has far much consequence considering that it breached the national security. The event witnessed has led to strained relationships with other countries. Therefore, as a matter of urgency, individual security measures should be implemented with speed to avert any possible future occurrences.
             In light of the security thread, a number of problems were recognized which needed the immediate attention from both the government agency and the media. The main problems are that not enough measures were put forward to persuade the country holding Snowden. Snowden is still living in another country despite the fact that he holds far-reaching security information. Another possible problem is that proper measures were not put in place to review who got access to the highly sensitive data possessed by the NSA. No significant framework discussed this kind of acquiring of information. The other base of the problem is that the United States government was using hazardous policies to get information whenever they felt like. The revelation that the government was tapping the phone of the German chancellor is misconduct. .
             The problem of giving military contractors crucial information is also evident. The government policy to give them this freedom gave Snowden the opportunity to steal all the vital data. Though it may seem like a light issue, but the problem also arose because the government allowed Snowden to work for them even after revelations that he had quit the military. This gave him the upper hand over the government because he knew what he was looking for. Concerning the media, the problem of lack of cooperation between these two institutions was evident. The government had not promoted policies with the media to safeguard its information.

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