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Phenomenological Analysis of Edward Snowden

            This report provides an overview of the qualitative analysis of the interview conducted by a journalist Glenn Greenward, with Edward Snowden, a private contractor for the NSA. The meeting took place in a hotel room in Hong Kong, China. The interview was about his thoughts and reasons Snowden had on whistle-blowing and his experience in the NSA.
             Presented in this report are the findings of the qualitative components of Glenn Greenward as he interviews Edward Snowden, who explains three main themes. The themes were the price he will have to pay for telling the truth, the political system and what he thinks of patriotism in his point of view.
             One of the themes that Edward Snowden discussed in the Interview with James Bamford was what he thought patriotism was from his point of view. It can be clearly seen that Snowden had a different view of patriotism as compared to what the United States government wanted. According to Snowden, the public should have a say in decision-making that the government undertakes. Snowden says in the interview that some things are filtered before being released to the public. He feels that the public has to know the truth as opposed to what the government wants. Edward Snowden states: "This is something that is not our place to decide. The public has to decide whether these programs and policy are right or wrong.".
             Another issue that Snowden discusses is the issue of the price he will have to pay for telling the truth. Snowden explains that he is sure that the CIA might come after him because the government will now see him as an enemy because he is against the country and the government. Since Snowden exposed the State, he knows the danger that might befall him. The government can hire a third party partner, or pay off the Triads to track Snowden. The revelations he unleashed could cause him to live in fear for the rest of his life. Snowden proceeds to say that one cannot go head to head against powerful intelligence in the world.

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