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The Welfare Budget and the Deficit Solution

            Some Americans are wrongly suggesting that one of way to help the US deficit is lowering the budget for welfare programs. The first reason I vote against that is because that would ruin the reputation of the US being the greatest Country. What makes America the best is the way it cares for the less fortunate. Secondly, what would happen to this people who only depend in the welfare programs to support themselves? Finally, there are more ways to help the American economy, lowering the welfare budget is not the solution. In fact there is some extra money that could be made from the Welfare programs, due to the amount of fraud that is into it. Fraudulent people can get high penalties and this money could be used to support the people that really need the help.
             The opposition talks about lowering the SSI budget, there are some Americans that have disabilities, and their only income is the disability pension. There are too many people that need assistance for the welfare budget to be lowered. If we reduce the budget for this people, we could end up having more homeless people on the streets. This means more danger and robbery out there, less safety for our citizens. Here is a good illustration of how we can increase income for the country, coming from the same exact Welfare programs. The government is getting better at checking for fraud and that way they could make money as well. For example, a girl applied for unemployment and she kept on getting unemployment income after she got a job. When the unemployment program find out they made her pay back $1,100.00 for the money she got during that time. She also got a penalty fee for the same amount of money, this lady end up paying a total of $2,200.00 back to the unemployment welfare program. By carefully looking for fraud on the different Welfare programs, they can make extra money on penalty fees, instead of cutting the budget for the community in need.

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