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The Politics of Ronald Reagan

             The American dream comes to mind to most of us when overlooking some of the greatest accomplishments that some of our most inspiring American icons have achieved. Ronald Reagan is just one of the many hundreds of role models that our society is appreciative of. As the fortieth president of the United States and also the oldest president ever elected, Ronald Reagan had constructed some of the most efficient strategies in order to keep America protected. Not only did Reagan show concerns for the American people, but also people all over the world. Without Ronald Reagan's achievements during his presidential term, society could have possibly crashed and crumbled. .
             In United States history there has been numerous memorable icons that Americans admire. Many of these role models have very distinct characteristic and traits that people try and duplicate every day. Some of these traits of role models are also not always positive. Actions, characteristics, and traits can all be associated to the five Eco-Systems. Ronald Reagan, one of the most admirable presidents of the United States demonstrates many of the categories in the Eco- System. No matter how successful someone is there is always a reason to why they are in the position that they are in. .
             Eco Map: Bio.
             In the year 1980, an unstable economy at home, a hostage crisis overseas, and the end of prior administrations that were not trusted at all troubled The Untied States. Ronald Reagan was elected as the oldest president at sixty-nine years old on November 4th, 1980. Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois and before he was elected he served two terms as California governor with his first year starting in 1966. After serving four years as president, Reagan was then diagnosed with a deadly disease known as colon cancer. Regan had then been recommended to undergo surgery in order to remove the cancer. Eight days later Reagan had survived the operation and was back in office finishing his two presidential terms from 1981-1989.

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