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Ronald Reagan

             The United States of America since 1789 has been under control of one man, which we call President. Each president that the United States has had stood for different times and different events. Therefore, giving each President individual presidency. One of the great men that United States has followed under is Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan is known for being a well-respected president. Reading further on in this essay oneself will learn the background of Reagan's life, what lead him to presidency, and the actions and outcomes of when he became the leader of the United States.
             On Febuary 6, 1911 Jack and Nellie Reagan were blessed with a boy named Ronald Wilson Reagan. They lived in a small flat above a bank on Main Street in Tampico, Illinois. Jack Reagan was a shoemaker and an alcohlic. Nellie was a Sunday-School teacher at the Church of Christ in their hometown. While growing up, Ronald was given a nickname by his father, that nickname was "Dutch". When Dutch was 13 years old he became interested in athletics, drama, and school politics. During his high school years he was involved in football, track, basketball, and swimming. The two sports he loved, and was excellent at were football and swimming. During the summers Dutch was a lifeguard starting at age 13. The 7 years guarding he rescued 27 people. Dutch was also involved in the schools drama class where he always got the leading roles . He soon became President of the drama club and student council. Ronald was quite the man on campus but only one girl got his attition her name was Margaret Cleaver. .
             As Ronald got older he began school at Eureka College in Illinois. While in college he was on the football team and also, created, coached, and captained the swim team. Attinding Eureka also was Margaret Cleaver Ronald's high school sweetheart. He became involved in a dramatic fraternity called Alpha Epsilon Sigma. After graduating in June 1932 during the depths of the Depression.

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