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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior by Amy Chua

            In the article "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" by Amy Chua in the Wall Street Journal, the author believes that Chinese parenting style is the best for the child. She gives her ideas that Chinese parents can do what Western parents can't. Another significant idea of Chua is that Chinese parents believe that they know best for their child so they can override the child's own desires. Moreover, Chua states that Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything; therefore, their child should show them respects and do everything what their parents want.
             One of the significant idea is that Chua does not vallue social activities for her children. In the beginning of the article, Chua listed her restriction on her kids which are not to attend sleepovers, not to play video games, have a play dates,. This reminds me of an opened piece in the New York Times by David Brooks called "Amy Chua is a Wimp". Brooks asserts that there is value in going to sleep over and play wich 14 friends. Learning social skills, navigating your way in a tribe of teenagers in a life skill.Brook contradicts Chua and believes she is overprotective and sheltering her children from tough social situation. That might negatively affect her kids on their life.
             Another significant idea is that Chua believe that children owe them every thing and should obey their parent wishes. For example, Chua introduces her article by stating a list of activities her children are not allowed to do as well as telling her personal narrative in which she forces her daughter to play piano. This reminds me of a short story I read in my English class called "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan. In the story the Chinese mother forces her daughter to play piano but this does not end in success. This Chinese mom couldn't beat the child's stubbornness that lead to a failure of both children and parent. This depends on the child's characteristic; however, this shows that being too strict to the child could backfired.

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