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America and the Attacks of September 11, 2001

             On September 11th 2001, 8:46 AM, the first plane of one of the most devastating attacks hit. The September 11th attack was a planned attack which nobody knew of. (9/11 Commission 1). It was meant to be on the date of 9/11/01. The number for emergency purposes is 911. It consisted of four planes being hijacked. Two was rammed into the World Trade Center causing a huge fire and potentially making them fall, one into Washington DC, and one into a field in Pennsylvania. (9/11 Commission 1). The planes were hijacked by a terrorist group called Al Qaeda. (9/11 Commission 1). To this day Al Qaeda is growing and it is not going to stop. (9/11 Commission 1). Now knowing what some people did would you jump out of a burning building or burn to death? Not only was September 11th a tragedy but it affected a nation emotionally.
             After September 11th, the world change dramatically. (9/11 Commission 1). It will most likely to haunt us for a long time, maybe forever. Tuesday Morning, 9-11-01 was an average Tuesday to most. Tuesdays are known to be the quietest. (Stewart 57). When the first plane hit, most people stayed in the building thinking it was a little problem. (9/11 Commission 1).Some people knew what was going on and did not want to say anything incase of something happing. After the second plane hit the Twin Towers, now everyone knew something was not right. They new it was an attack. After a few minutes, smoke began to appear and flames started to erupt. As people were trying to get to safety the building started to burn up and people started to get stuck on the higher floors of the building. The police, ambulances, and fire departments from all over the town came as they saw the smoke. (9/11 Commission 1). Officers and firefighters even rush to save people when they were not even working. (Dudley 14). Some where stuck in elevators and couldn't get out.
             As the time when on, people knew it was coming to an end and they could not get out.

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