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The Effects of September 11, 2001.

            On the day of September 11, 2001, our beloved nation was struck with the most horrifying event in our history. No other day in our nation's history can compare to the devastation the American people felt on "9/11". The effects brought by "9/11" to the American people are patriotism, economic decline, and warfare. .
             Many Americans would agree that the only positive thing that came out of that tragic day was a sense of Patriotism. That single act of terrorism brought our nation together as a whole. Americans did everything they could by making donations, or in some cases going to New York to aid in the process of rebuilding. With in days people started to show patriotism by placing an American flag on their vehicle or even flying one in their yard. There were also many candle light ceremonies held at community churches or public facilities. I remember my parents and I went to our church for a candle light ceremony to show our sorrow for the men and women that lost their lives in the World Trade Centers. I was surprised that there were more people than seats in the church. That just shows how much Americans care. .
             The attacks not only damaged New York, but also played a detrimental part to the decline of our economy. What some people don't realize is that our economy was already going flat before "9/11". The attacks scared the American people into pulling out their money from the stock market. Consumer spending also fell dramatically, which in turn caused unemployment to sky rocket. In just a year in a half after "9/11" the Dow Jones Industrials fell almost 40 percent. Our economy hasn't seen a decline like that since the great depression. In the last six to eight months our economy has been on the up rise. It has taken almost two years of hard work to rebuild our economy and New York City. .
             The day after "9/11" congress declared a war on terrorism. President Bush vowed that the United States wasn't going to back down from the evil minds that inspired the attacks on "9/11".

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