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            Men, women, and children across the globe face various challenges, disasters, and tragedies. Currently, a dominating cause for concern and alarm is the devastation of terrorism. The citizens of the United States have recently experienced fears and threats unlike any they have encountered before. Americans have begun to question their perceptions and assumptions about national security and personal safety. September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten. In Daniel Paisner's book, Last Man Down, New York Fire Department Battalion Commander Richard Picciotto shows the contemporary issues of terrorism, illustrates Picciotto's personal experience during the events, and depicts the will to survive and the effects and aftermath of the attacks on individuals, society, and the American psyche.
             It is important to be able to understand what terrorism is and how to define it. There are many ways to distinguish an event or attack as an example of terrorism. It is comprised of a combination of a number of recurring elements, including violence, fears, organized planning, and several others. According to "Questia," evidence of violence or force appeared in 83.5% of acts that are defined as instances of terrorism. Politics and political motives were involved and used to describe 65%. The use of fear and an emphasis on terror is demonstrated in 51% of examples of terrorism. Threats are a characteristic of 47% of terrorist acts and psychological effects and anticipated reactions are included in 41.5%. A discrepancy between the targets and the victims is noted in 37.5% of terrorist acts, and intentionally planned; systematic, organized action is a trait of 32%. Finally methods of combat, strategy, and tactics are elements of 30.5% of acts defined as terrorism. (HTTP.//www.questia.com./). The events of September 11th incorporated nearly all of these elements.
             The terrorist attacks took place on the morning of September 11.

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