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Going Back to Kansas

             Topic: Returning to an Old Neighborhood-Returning home from being away for basic training and advanced individual training.
             Thesis Statement: When I left home, I thought that everything would change. When in fact, the only thing that changed was me.
             1. Introduction.
             A. Why I left home in the first place.
             B. How I felt leading up to the day of my departure from home.
             2. Body.
             A. First Supporting Idea.
             I. My mindset about home during my time away from home.
             II. My mindset during the flight back home.
             B. Second Supporting Idea.
             I. How I felt when I first saw my family at the airport. .
             II. How I felt seeing my old neighborhood after half of a year and how it was different from what I thought it would be.
             3. Conclusion.
             A. My new outlook on home having spent time away.
             Final Draft.
             Back To Kansas.
             Growing up, I was always scared of leaving home. I have so many memories there. From being a little child at the play areas to being a youthful grown-up at the films theater around the local area down the road. Being a preteen in the sideway Sunday school to being a teenager working at the area Applebee's. Not only did my neighborhood give me great memories but it gave me great friends to share those memories with as well. The older I got, the more I understood that I would have to leave someday. When I left home, I thought that everything would change. When in fact, the only thing that changed was me. .
             When I graduated high school, I began heading off to a junior college right outside of my neighborhood. I didn't have the cash to go to a huge school which did not trouble me on the grounds that it would have implied I would have needed to move away. A year and a half into going to school there, I came to realize that it would take me forever to earn my degree with the fact that I was only going part time because I had to work to pay for school. This is the thing that made me begin researching the Army.
             I had always heard of the great education benefits given to soldiers in the Army and that is what made me decide to join.

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