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Events that sparked the civil war

            Immediately following the War of 1812, America had a sudden upsurge of nationalism and a temporary loss of sectionalism in the country. However, by the year of 1848, sectionalism made a return and was stronger in the country than ever. Between the years of 1848 and 1861, many important events happened that would eventually bring forth the civil war and would eventually dictate the outcome of the war.
             10. The establishment of the Underground Railroad was the tenth-most important even to happen during this time period. Although it freed a number of slaves, it was not substantial enough to warrant being higher up on this list. However, it did make southerners mad, so it warrants at least being on the list.
             9. The ninth-most important even that happened during this time period was the execution of John Brown, a killer of 5 people who were pro-slavery. Brown was an insane man who had plans to invade the South and call up on the slaves to rise up and revolt. When convicted of treason and sentenced to death, northerners portrayed him as a martyr against slavery and rallied around his memory, adding to the tension between the North and the South. Although an important event, Brown's execution was not as important of an event as the events that will be mentioned later.
             8. The Dred Scot decision was another important factor that contributed to the eruption of the Civil War. Dred Scot was a slave who, with his master, moved into free territory. After his master's death, Scot claimed that he should be a free man, as he was in free territory. However, the decision was made by the Supreme Court that he must stay a slave with his new master. Northerners complained and southerners were inflamed by the North's defiance. Therefore, more tension built. Although adding to the tension between the North and South, the Dred Scot decision was not as substantial as some of the coming events.
             7. The discovering of gold in California in 1848 was the next-most important event to occur.

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