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The Civil War - America's North and South

            A nation born from the chains of British control, America faced a continuing problem; to preserve and develop a strong united nation. The country was divided in many aspects of life during the early to mid-1800s (pre-civil war era). The struggle for the equality between races, especially blacks and whites with the removal of slavery, or the difficult attack on society by women to achieve equal ranks as men. These conflictions within the American society led to a dis-unified States instead of becoming a truly United States like the founding fathers hoped and believed for. These conflicts were only the beginning to the creation of a dis-unified nation, as an even greater problem loomed over the country. Sectionalism. As the nation was split between the North and the South, the tensions of sectionalism continued to grow. It overpowered the forces of unity within the nation, and it created a problem within the United States that could not be overlooked. A war was looming. Not a war with a simple goal, but a war to achieve equality, preserve a nation, and create a United States of America. .
             A United States of America was created after the victory in the Revolutionary War, but they were more of a States of America as the nation showed several cracks within society by the year 1848. The election of 1824 was only one of many events that signified the dis-unity of America. This election was the first time a majority of the states allowed the people to directly vote for their electors, this caused other candidates to challenge the nominees of their respective parties. The controversy came when Andrew Jackson had won most of the popular and electoral votes, but since he did not win a majority of the votes, the designation of president went to the House of Representatives. The House chose John Quincy Adams as Henry Clay gave his support to Adams as he obtained the position of secretary of state.

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