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The Effects of Energy Drinks

            In todays world, people are hooked on energy drinks. Energy drinks catch everyone's attention by the design on the cans and the slogans that the companies come up with. They can say that it can give you the time of your life, get a girl, gives energy, or help you with some rough times, but in reality, those meanings are not so true. Often energy drinks turn out to be a little more than sugar and caffeine; this makes energy drinks dangerous to consume and it should be taken off the stores shelves because of the dangerous ingredients inside the energy drinks and the side effects it gives to people.
             To start with is the dangerous ingredients inside the energy drinks. People normally do not know what they are actually drinking and they are just drinking the products because of the taste and the look of the can. Well people should know what is inside the energy drinks and should realize what it can do to their body. Quality and accurate labeling are concerns when it comes to energy drinks; their manufacture is not tightly regulated in the U.S. Most contain caffeine, often as part of an energy blend that also contains guarana, taurine, B vitamins and glucuronolactone. Individually, these additives may not be harmful, but when combined with high doses of caffeine, serious complications ( Roberts par 2). This statement is trying to say is that even though some of the ingredients can help the body, having all these ingredients mixed together into one can is too powerful and can cause a lot of damage to someones body. There are other ingredients but taurine, gurana, and B vitamins are the main ingredients. Taurine helps the body regulate heartbeat and muscle contractions, guarana stimulates the body, and B vitamins convert sugar to energy and improve muscle tone. By reading the informations about the ingredients, it sounds more like supplements instead of a tasty drink. The FDA admitted that many of the ingredients in most popular energy drinks have not been fully tested (Verdan par 6).

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