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Why We Should All be Vegetarians

            Have you ever thought about being a vegetarian? Do you know that the population of India is approximately 1.5 bln and 84% of them are vegetarians? Maybe you think that is because cow is sacred animal in this country. But this is not a reason of being a vegetarian. Nowadays there are lots of people all over the world who have chosen being vegetarians as a way of staying healthy and saving animals' lives. In our country people like eating meat and cannot imagine their dinner without it. We think that if we do not eat any kind of meat we will be hungry and that is why we cannot imagine our dinner table without it. I would like to persuade you that people should be vegetarians. There are several reasons to consider that people should be vegetarians, the main are: people will have less health problems, we can save animals lives.
             Many of you might think that being a vegetarian is unhealthy. I will now prove to you that vegetarians are usually people who are in a good physical condition. Among a group of 70,000 participants, researchers determined that vegetarians had a 12% lower risk of death compared with non-vegetarians. The effect held true for other specific vegetarian diets, according to the study, which is published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. For instance, vegans also had a lower risk of death compared to non-vegetarians. According to Alexandra Sifferlin: "Research does show that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall and even live longer. " There are some important reasons which vegetarians may outlive meat-lovers: low blood pressure, lower risk of death, better moods, less chance of heart disease, lower risk of cancer, lower risk of diabetes and less likely to be overweight.
             To eat meat or not to eat meat. This is the question for people's mind. Vegetarians usually take out certain food from their diets, and they often need to add in something that will provide the nutrients found in meat products.

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