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The Basics of Hypnotherapy

            Have you ever wondered if hypnotizing people really worked? Well, I'm about to give you some facts on how it works and what it works for. It is not something one can just go out and practice on someone. It requires knowledge of the technique. In the eighteenth century, a man named, Franz Mesmer, from Europe, was the first person who came up with an unchanging method for the use of hypnotherapy. It was said that he used "animal magnetism" in his method. He would have his patients' line up together, linking them with a rope, so that his magnetism could pass through them. During this procedure he would wear a cloak around his neck and play dark wave or gothic music on a glass harmonica. This was considered to be dangerous for anyone wanting to make this a career. .
             Around the nineteenth century, Surgeons and physicians started using hypnotherapy in the medical fields. The ones who decided to use this therapy risked their reputation by giving it a chance. This century, more people started to learn a little more about it by researching the physical and biological truths of it. By the end of this century hypnotherapy was being studied in universities and hospitals and was accepted. .
             By the twentieth century, hypnotherapy moved its way into America. It became a popular phenomenon and the style of the therapy became more indirect than direct for most. As people began to widen their knowledge of it, it also became more practical and commonly used. It is still used today in hospitals and studied all over the world. Also, has a variety of things that it can be used for. Chronic pain is one disorder that hypnotherapy could be used for. By using hypnotherapy for ones chronic pain it helps the mind relax both psychologically and emotionally. It will help change someone's attitude or perception of the pain that they are feeling. It has been said that when someone is being hypnotized that it makes them feel as though they are outside of themselves.

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