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Movie Review Abnormal Psyc

            Is individual behavior truly a formation and development of individual concepts or is it simply a conglomeration of normative behavior expectations? It is a question wrought with complex variables. Some argue that socially expected behavior drives the behavior of an individual, while others may hold that individual expression is just that, unique and characterized by self-introspection. Identifying recurring patterns of, and influences on social behavior is not easily achieved if a person does not want to provide underlying conditions for the world to view. Many agree that behavior is developed by environmental expression as well as genetic factors. Unfortunately, this is the junction where their union begins to disjoin, and disruptive patterns are then established for those with mental disorders. However, with proper diagnosis, treatment, and support of those with disorders, one is able to eventually lead a life that is socially acceptable. .
             There is a wide range of problems considered "psychological disorders" such as multiple personality disorders, and schizophrenia as is depicted in the films Sybil, and A Beautiful Mind. While most people understand that these disorders are quite difficult to live with, and indeed are misfortunate, each disease is very different, with different causes, different symptoms, and different treatment needed, but far too often the mentally ill are lumped into a singular category as "crazy" and are left untreated. Schizophrenia, and Multiple Personality Disorder are diseases which are usually misinterpreted; schizophrenia is not a split personality such as that portrayed in Sybil. .
             Multiple personality disorder, currently known as Disassociative Identity Disorder and Abuse, is a mental illness where a person's thoughts, feelings, and memories are scattered throughout two or more separate personalities within the victims mind. In Sybil, Sybil was severely abused both physically, and sexually as a child stemming from her own family, and was later found to possess sixteen separate personalities in order to cope with her trauma.

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