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Julius Caesar - Hero or Villain

            Julius Caesar was born in around early July 100 BCE, he was the son to Gaius Caesar and Aurelia the Governor of Gal while having very closely connection with the Marian faction in Roman politics (History, 2014). With Caesar being born straight in to Roman politics he was bound to get involved and be a part of the Roman political future. During Caesars time in Roman politics, he reshaped Rome in many ways, doing things past rulers could dream of accomplishing. Caesar is one of the more questionable rulers in history, many debate if he was a Hero or Reformer to Roman society or a Tyrant whom was only looking to conquer the world for himself.
             Julius Caesar was simply one of or the most brilliant strategist to ever exist, the skills he had shown leading and controlling Rome was outstanding. Caesar was able to make anyone his allies, doing so he always wanted to keep a path available to lead to more advantages for Rome and also for his legacy. After supporting Pompey, a successful military commander, and Crassus the millionaire against Sulla's senatorial order. Julius Caesar had accomplished his first major success in his career by being elected Chief Priest in 63 BCE (Grant, 1975). Caesar then had made a pact with Pompey and Crassus called the First Triumvirate, helping leading Caesar to his first consulship. Then on from 58 to 51 BCE Caesar had went on to seize the entire central and northern parts of Gaul. A fierce feud between Julius Caesar and Pompey had occurred too many reasoning some of which involving Crassus and Julia, Caesar's daughter and Pompey's wife removed the bond between Pompey and Caesar. Later, Julius and Pompey had engaged in to a civil war in 49 BCE. Julius quickly took over Italy but forgot to keep Pompey and his forces close to him as they fled to Greece (Grant, 1975).The battling would continue on as Pompey had end up in Egypt seeking help from 10 year old King Ptolemy, a former client of Pompeys.

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