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Brutus as a Tragic Hero

             Julius Caesar is a roman play consisting of the beautiful poetry written by the famous poet William Shakespeare. With in this work of art is a character by the name of Brutus. Brutus is a perfect example of a man who falls from a high position in society to a lower one on account of some tragic flaw that he has. The sad part is that Brutus" only flaw is that he loves Rome more than anything and he would do anything for its people. This characteristic is what causes his downfall and is therefore the reason that he is considered to be a tragic hero.
             In the beginning of Julius Caesar Brutus is one of Caesar's most trusted men and is considered to be one of Rome's most honorable men. These are the main reasons that Cassius, the play's villain, wants Brutus so desperately to help him in the act murdering Caesar. He has enough followers to help him, yet if they were to do it alone, the people of Rome would not justify it with their reasons because it would seem like a crime of hate. But, if Brutus were to help them, and talk to the people of Rome it could be justified because Brutus is a well-respected and honorable man. It is by these reasons that Cassius is forced to persuade Brutus into joining the conspirators. .
             Cassius cleverly persuades Brutus into killing Caesar by using his good virtue of loving Rome with all his might, and using it against him to the conspirators advantage. Cassius says that Caesar will become too powerful and is too ambitious to be the ruler of Rome and that it would be best for Rome if Caesar did not rule Rome. Finally when Brutus realizes that Caesar is going to be offered the crown he realizes that: " It must be by his death I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general- ( II, i, 10-12). Brutus says that he must kill Caesar for the good of Rome even though he has no personal grudge against him. It is now, in act two, scene one, that Brutus makes up his mind to join the conspirators yet he still has his doubts.

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