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Marcus Brutus:a Tragic Hero

            In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Marcus Brutus inflicts upon the reader a feeling of great pity and terror because he is not completely evil or completely virtuous, but partly both. These qualities make Marcus Brutus a tragic hero by Aristotle's definition. On the account of his being a tragic hero, Brutus's flaws that inevitably lead to his destruction are the decisions he makes. On Brutus's crusade to keep a republic that is inevitably lost to monarchy he, lets Cassius persuade him to join the conspirators, puts trust in Mark Antony, and kills himself. Brutus, because he is a noble man believes that other people will also conduct themselves in a noble manner and will be true to their word. By believing in other people Brutus gets caught in a string of events that lead to his tragic hero status.
             "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings."{1.sc2 147} Brutus an honorable man finds himself trapped between the love of a friend and the liberty of a country. Cassius, a man jealous of Caesar's power tries to sway Brutus on the idea of killing Caesar, to save the republic Brutus's family fought for. Brutus is well respected by the people of Rome and Caesar and therefore Cassius knows that if he doesn't get Brutus to be come involved the assassination will never work out. On account of Brutus's love for the people, he believes the fake letters the conspirators send to him, saying that the people are worried about the power that Caesar has acquired. Brutus agrees to become part of the conspiracy, and carries out the murder of his beloved friend. Unfortunately, the death of Caesar did not accomplish what Brutus wanted it to because the people wanted a King and not a republic. Not only did the decision to trust the conspirators lead to his downfall but his decision to trust Mark Antony aided it also.
             Due to the fact that Brutus believes in the idealistic views that everyone will be as noble as he is.

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