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Julius Ceaser

            Did Shakespeare make a mistake when he wrote his famous tragedy Julius Caesar 400 years ago? Should he have called the play Marcus Brutus? The play is about politics and treachery in ancient Rome. Julius Caeser is the most famous and powerful military general in Rome, and he wants to rule the republic as its new king, but many of Rome's nobles and senators fear what he will do with his power. The republic could change and the Roman citizens could become slaves, .
             A conspiracy is formed against Ceaser and he is assassinated in the senate on the Ides of March, 44 B.C. By the end of the play his murderers have been killed in battle and a new tirveverge has been formed to lead Rome into the future. The play is a tragedy because it consists of a series of lead actions that have disastrous consequences for the main characters: Ceaser, Brutus and Cassius. .
             By the end of the play the audience should feel pity for the characters that suffer and die and feel that anyone including themselves might have committed the same actions had they been in similar cases. A tragic hero is a character who is basically good but has a tragic flaw when a personality trait causes him to make an error in judgment and leads to his down fall. Although Julius Ceaser and Marcus Brutus share many of the same traits there are differences between them that makes Brutus the tragic hero and so the play should have been titled Marcus Brutus.

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