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Julius Ceaser

            Each character in Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare, has a different personality allowing each character to be unique in his or her own way, making the play seem realistic. Brutus is patriotic and a man who believes everyone is as loyal as he is. On the other hand, Cassius is full of envy and a man of weak character. While Brutus does not deserve his final fate, Cassius deserves to die.
             Throughout the play, everything Brutus does is for the better of Rome, not for personal gain. After the killing of Caesar, Brutus explains that he killed Caesar not because he loved Caesar less, but because he loved Rome more. In his thoughts, Brutus thinks Caesar is gaining too much power which will cause the downfall of Rome; therefore, Brutus joins the conspiracy, believing that the death of Caesar will save Rome from its decline. As a loyal man, Brutus believes that everyone is as loyal as him, which would later lead to his death. When Mark Antony asked Brutus to speak at Caesar funeral, Brutus believed Antony would remain loyal to him and would support the killing of Caesar. Unfortunately, Antony was not loyal to Brutus and turned the Romans against Brutus and Cassius which led to a civil war in Rome. When Brutus saw that he was going to lose the war, he decided to kill himself rather than face humiliation. Brutus did not deserve his final fate, which was committing suicide with the help of his slave, because all his actions were done for the better of Rome and its people who were now attacking him.
             Unlike Brutus, Cassius kills Caesar out of envy. Cassius dislikes Caesar because he has almost become godlike in the eyes of Romans and because Caesar defeated Pompey, whom Cassius supports. He shows his envy of Caesar when he is talking to Brutus and asks how a weak man like Caesar could rule Rome. To show Brutus how weak Caesar is he gives Brutus a number of different examples including when Caesar became very ill in Spain and acted like a sick girl.

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