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            The true tragic hero in this story is Brutus. He strives to be the hero of Rome by accomplishing what he believes is moral. Nevertheless, his poor judgment leads to his inevitable tragic end. .
             Brutus embodies all the qualities necessary to be a tragic hero. The first of these qualities is being the main character. Despite the title of the tragic play, it is clearly evident Brutus is the main character, for there is no other character whose actions are focused on as much with such brutal intensity and criticism as Brutus's. The next of these qualities is that the character is of high importance or rank. Brutus is an inextricable part of the Roman government. The commoners of Rome form the base for his magnitude. He is greatly favored by them. They prove their love for Brutus when he arrives to give a speech on Caesar's funeral, and all the commoners yell "Live, Brutus! Live, Live!" in unison. Another citizen yells, "Let him be Caesar!" .
             Another mark of his high stature is shown when once, prior to his becoming involved in the conspiracy, Caesar, the emperor of Rome, greatly cares for him. Furthermore, Brutus is a praetor, or judge, in the Roman Republic. One of Brutus's intrinsic qualities is that he is inseparable from his nobility. He shows this by placing the welfare of Rome before anything, even himself. This is demonstrated when Brutus, commenting on their murderous plan, says, "Let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully; Let's carve him as a dish fit for the gods. Not hew him as a carcass fit for the hounds". Though he is commenting on murdering the emperor of Rome, he sees the noble aspect of this and wants to kill him morally. He sees this as a righteous act for the good of Rome. .
             He shows that he is willing to sacrifice anything for principles, when he says, "If it be aught toward the general good, Set honor in one eye and death I" th" other, And I will look on both indifferently" Brutus is synonymous with poor judgment.

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