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Marcus Brutus

             Marcus Brutus was the noble man that stayed true to Rome throughout the story. Once a supporter of Pompey, and after its defeat by Caesar, was pardoned. He would never again turn his back on Rome. In the play, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus is viewed as ambitious, fearful, and noble.
             As Brutus' friendship with Caesar grew stronger, his fear of power became deeper. Brutus admits, "I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king,"" (I, 2, 79-80). He felt if Caesar were crowned king he would turn Rome into a dictatorship and take Rome's republic away from the people.
             Cassius' plot to gather a group of conspirators together and murder Caesar seemed perfect for Brutus. Cassius knew if the knew if the conspirators were backed by Brutus, they could win over Rome. Brutus was the only other Roman other than Caesar who shared power over the people. Cassius approached Brutus saying, "Yes, every man of them, and no man here but honors you,"" (II, 1, 90-91). Though Brutus envied Caesar, he feared Caesar's power. Therefore he was hesitant in killing Caesar. Had Brutus not felt that it was for the better part of Rome, no attempt would have been made. .
             Brutus' ambition was driven by his desire to get the most for his country. He went to great lengths to gain Caesar's appreciation. Once that was gained he now held a minor control over the people. The people of Rome admired Brutus as a dignified military leader. Some see the murder of Caesar as a selfish act or Brutus' behalf, but most see it as a way to unite Rome. When Caesar spoke his last words, "Et tu, Bruté! Then fall, Caesar!- (III, 1, 77), it was a sign of Brutus' political power in Rome. In Caesar's eyes, Brutus did hold more power over the Romans then himself. Caesar realized he could no longer put up a fight when he saw Brutus was no longer on his side. To this point the plan had worked, but Brutus' mistake to spare Antony would prove to be his worst one yet.

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