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             In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there are two funeral speeches given. The first in given by Marcus Brutus, and the second is given by Marc Antony. Both characters had to sway the crowd to get power over Rome. In both of the speeches there are a lot of similarities and differences.
             Brutus speech was very sincere and thoughtful. In it he explained how much he loved Caesar and how Caesar cared for Brutus. Brutus also explained how if there was no reason to kill Caesar he wouldn't have do it. He told the crowd "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more". (3.2.21) he told the people he did this because he didn't want the people under the rule of another tyrannus ruler. Brutus also told the people that if they wanted him dead he would kill himself but the people wanted him to live.his speech seemed to persway the crowd until Marc Antony came along and things started to change.
             Marc Antony's speech started off like Brutus but then very sly like he started to blame the whiole thing on the conspirators. Antony though continued to say throughout his speech "But Brutus is an honorable man." (3.2.85) he used Caesars will against Brutus to persway the crowd. He sowed the crowd Caesars bodyand he cried over it sway the crowd again.he told the people he didn't want to start a riot but if he had the power to he would. This of coarse swayed the crowd even more to start a riot. Even though the differences between Brutus and Antony's speech were so different in feelings and purpose they had a lot of similarities.
             In both the speeches they are both similar because both of the men love Caesar. Both of them wanted to persway the crowds. The final thiong is that they both wanted power of Rome.
             In conclusion to my essay I would like to say that these two men are very powerful speakers. Even though some were for the wrong reasons. In the end I think Brutus speech was the best.

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