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Gaius Julius Caesar - Emperor of Rome Obituary

             The greatest warrior and emperor of Rome, Gaius Julius Caesar, died today, March 15th BCE, at about 10:00 a.m. Roman time, in the portico of the "Pompey the Great" theater. He was stabbed twenty-three times by at least sixty conspirators lead by Marcus Junius Brutus. It is being reported that Caesar said in Greek to Brutus "You, too, my child?" All the senators fled after his death. Three slaves carried his dead body to his home in Calpurnia, several hours later.
             Last year in February 44 BCE, Caesar became the dictator perpetuus, the supreme dictator of life. Caesar was preparing to lead a conquest against the Parthians, but, today his end in life has come. .
             Julius Caesar was born to Aurelia and Gaius Julius Ceasar, on the 13th day of Quintilis 100 BCE. From his early, he was very enthusiastic to learn the art of war and his quick wits helped him to master the various skills of military strategies. Sulla, the dictator at that time in 85 BCE, wanted him to be executed and Caesar went into hiding. Through his influential friends and relatives, he eventually got the pardon and 79 BCE, he was awarded the Civic Crown for saving the life of citizen in battle. When Sulla, the dictator, died in 78 BCE, Caesar began a career as a lawyer in Rome and from then on throughout his lifetime, his eloquence in speaking was surpassed by none. .
             When Caesar was kidnapped by Cicilian pirates, he maintained friendly relationship with them but eventually tracked them down and crucified them when he was released. His action proved his skill of dealing with pirates. In 72 BCE he was elected to the "Military Tribune". He was elected quaestor and achieved a seat in the Senate.
             In 60 BCE, he headed the first triumvirate - a loose coalition with Spain, Pompey and Crassus. With the help of them, he became very powerful in Rome and the surrounding areas. During this time, he married his daughter to Pompey, which consolidated their alliance.

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