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            It starts with 2 tribunes, Flavius and Marullus scolding citizens for worshipping Ceasar.
             They feared that Caesar was gaining too much power.
             And said it needed to be stopped, that day, that hour.
             Off Caesars statue, they removed decorations, while Caesar leads a procession through the streets of Rome.
             The Soothsayer tells Caesar to beware also known as GO HOME.
             Cassius fears Caesars evergrowing power.
             Brutus is wanted in a conspiracy because Caesars power is getting bigger by the hour.
             Casca reveals malicious info to Brutus that suggests that Caesar may be getting more ambitious.
             Brutus reveals his own fears of Caesar.
             The conspiracy gains another person.
             And that person is Brutus.
             All conspirators meet at his house and plan for Caesars death.
             Worried, Portia tries to find out what her husbands hiding behind his breath.
             Calphurnia wakes up from a terrible dream.
             Telling Caesar about everything it could mean.
             She convinces him not to go to the Senate.
             Brutus hearing that Caesar is not gonna be there.
             He flatters him into going so as not to show fear.
             With no dispair, Brutus and company plan to kill him there.
             Artemidorus waits in a street with a letter warning Caesar to be aware.
             Hoping that his assasination could be prevented.
             The Soothsayer waits in a narrow street.
             To warn Caesar of his danger even though he's not a texas ranger.
             Caesar says it's March 15th and im not dead.
             Keep saying that in your head Caesar.
             You still have some of this say ahead.
             Artemidorus almost warns Caesar but Brutus gets in the way.
             Popilius wishes the conpirators a good luck today.
             But scared them that Caesar may already know it all as we say.
             He might have known but it wasn't enought to keep him alive.
             Mark Antony pretencds to treats Caesars murderers as friends.
             And asks to speak at his funeral when he attends.
             Cassius doesn't want him to.
             But Brutus says who are you?.
             And lets him speak at the funeral like he wanted to.
             They didn't know what Mark Antony was going to do.

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