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Julius Caesar

             Caesar was a tall, fair and well-built man with a large face with dark-brown eyes. He was characterized as being very ambitious and self-assured. He was an arrogant and powerful leader and fought battles with skill and cunning. He was well liked and admired by the citizens of Rome. .
             Caesar showed his strong ambitious character by the battling for absolute power over Rome and wishing to live forever by making history with his deeds. Caesar states " Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once"(p.73, line 36). Sometimes Caesar would even arrive at his destination before the messenger he sent ahead of him to announce his approach. In the end, Caesar let his ambition get to him, as the vision of being crowned king, caused him to be blind to the conspiracy against him. .
             Caesar was very self-assured; he wouldn't listen to people's warnings of betrayal. He ignored the advice of " Beware of the Ides of March"(p.15, line 21) and other warnings by his friends and his wife. He was arrogant and thought that under his leadership; he could make Rome the capitol of the world. He never wanted any guards for himself because he considered himself indestructible. "But I am as constant as the Northern Star "(pg. 93, line 66). He showed that he was self-centered by trying to set himself up as the dictator. He thought this was the best thing for Rome.
             Caesar was characterized as fast and strong. He could travel at a fast pace for very long distances. If he came upon a river, he would not procrastinate and try to go around. He would either swim or propel himself across the river on an inflated skin. Caesar was a skillful swordsman and horseman and showed amazing powers of endurance and self-confidence. He led his army the majority of the time on foot rather that on saddle back. .
             Caesar had a talent for decisive action, cunning, and wit, and he fought most of his battles after careful planning.

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