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Julius Caesar

            "Veni Vidi Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered." Julius Caesar, was in fact the most powerful man in the early world and his long reign is well known. From his crafty, strategic battle tactics, to his many mistresses, Julius Caesar has made his mark in history. But the story that many do not know is of his timely death. The only clues from the past are in a record book written by Plutarch, the scribe during Caesar's rule. Within it contains factual events of Julius Caesar's death, and it is just the information needed for me to form my theory.
             Although Julius Caesar was in fact a genius, he was also a mad man. Drunk with power, Caesar showed no mercy when he was tied in a conflict with his enemies. And even with his people who suffered by his strict laws, Caesar expressed no sympathy. It was because of his own actions that led to Caesar's own murder. All the cruelty he poured upon the world, would eventually rise and finally engulf him in its darkness. Redemption was by no means within reach for Julius. .
             At his elderly age, Julius was thought to have been suffering from an illness that had strained most of his life from him. Being in the position he was in, he knew that the senates would soon be able to over throw him and his empire. Instead of suffering and waiting for death, Julius would invite it to his doorstep. Unwilling to suffering a minute more in his life, Julius would take drastic measures in committing his own suicide. By dismissing his guards and unwilling to listen to his wife's precautions he stood at the gates of hell. As he made his way towards the Senate meeting, Julius sealed his own fate.
             When Julius walked into the Senate Chamber, he knew he was to be executed, but he didn't know how. As the senates began to gather around him, he heard daggers being drawn in the darkness. They overwhelmed him and incised several stab wounds into his body; the critical stab wound, coming from his own son.

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