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            This morning, Caesar, highest senate member of Rome, was found dead in a pedestal in an abandoned city home. Rome was thrust into panic as patrolling Praetorians found Caesar's body. .
             Caesar appeared to have died from multiple stabs to his abdomen. He was apparently killed en route to the Senate House, under the statue of Pompey, and the murderer dragged his body away from the scene. .
             Rumors of a radical group calling themselves the "Conspirators" was behind the assassination, but Praetorians police department found that the fingerprints found on Caesar were those of Mark Antony's, Caesar's right-hand man and most trusted general. Antony and several other suspects are now being held by Praetorian secret police for further interrogation, motives for murder is not yet known to the public.
             Calpurnia, wife of the late Caesar, claims that her husband had not wanted to go to the Senate House because of various suspicions of assassination. Artemidourus, one of Caesar's loyal supporters, claims to have tried to warn Caesar about the trip to the Senate House. "I tried to show him the letter of the wicked Conspirators," Artemidourus said, "but ay, Caesar had more important things on his mind than a lowly supporter like me." Also, several loyal soothsayers, all have been detained for questioning, have also predicted and warned Caesar about the date of his murder.
             Despite the many reasons to stay home, Caesar was still somehow temped by senators Brutus, Cassius and Casca for the trip. It was always known that the senators" jealousness of Caesar's authority and their fear of his growing power, these senators are also suspected of first-rate murder and have also been detained. .
             Caesar's bodyguards claimed to have seen Cassius eyeing Caesar in a "predatorish" manner the day before his death, but no one could have thought that Brutus, Caesar's trusted friend, would also commit such a crime. Nevertheless, evidence points in a different direction as Brutus's servant boy saw him several times in conversation with "Conspirators" members Cinna, Decius, Metellus and Trebonius.

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