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Julious Caesar

            To the citizens of Rome, Caesar was thought to be a hero. He had conquered Pompeii and Rome hailed Caesar a great general. Caesar did not want to just be a leader, though; he wanted to become king. To Caesar this was his ambition, but then he wanted to become dictator for life. To some senators, this made them fear him becoming dictator, but they also feared the future of Rome. .
             Caesar's ambition was to become king, but in a crowd-pleasing fashion. Meaning he did not want to leap right in and look too anxious, that is why he refused the crown three times from Marc Antony. He was going about it in a roundabout way. The Romans had set up a republic government and the last king had been overthrown 450 years ago, but this did not stop Caesar's ambition in becoming king of the "free Romans". This was just unthinkable. .
             Caesar did have a suspicion of some of the Senators. He was not suspicious of his life, but suspicious Cassius and Brutus plotting a revolution. Caesar said, "I'm not much afraid of these fat, long-haired people. It's the other type I'm more frightened of, the pale thin ones " This meaning the thin people (Cassius and Brutus) are "hungry" to learn things and are sharp-witted, whereas; the fat people are not as witty and smart.
             Caesar did have enemies that wanted him dead just for spite. Brutus knew that the only way to protect the Romans was to kill Caesar. Cassius was just jealous and hated Caesar and wanted him dead. The conspirators also wanted to kill Caesar for their own selfish reasons of not liking him. Brutus was the only conspirator with true and unselfish reason for have Caesar killed.
             Although Caesar was a great leader and general, it was truly for the best that he was kept from becoming king. His ambition was deceitful and wrong because he tried to gain even more power before he took the thrown so his plan for become dictator for life would work. His suspicion of Cassius was right in that he was plotting against him.

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