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Being an Effective Physical Education Teacher

            How should a Physical Education teacher behave to be effective? What type of role should the teacher use so that all students participate and enjoy Physical Education class? A teacher should act accordingly to the age group he or she is teaching to. If teaching to younger children the teacher should act more playful with all the students to help encourage and teach them how to play the different activities. Following suit, the teacher could be more involved and competitive with older age groups. The teacher should always act positive and as a role model so that all students will want to participate in the class. .
             A coach is very similar to a teacher in many ways. A coach needs to act as a leader to the team, as a teacher would in a class. It is important for the coach to create a great bond with his or her team because the chemistry between the coach and the players will help benefit the team as a whole. Being positive with the team and showing great leadership and trust will lead the team to victories. The role of the coach is important to the team.
             What should student's pre k, through kindergarten learn in Physical Education? Children should first learn the basics of physical education. Teachers should teach the younger children different types of stretches and exercises to help the children prepare to participate and learn the sports they will soon love. Learning how to do basic exercises such as jumping jacks and sit-ups is vital to a child's physical health. Young students should also be taught the introduction to the importance of nutrition to help fight obesity in children.
             Is being competitive in physical education with younger children positive or negative? Competition encourages students to try harder and excel within the class. Competition shows them what is possible; if she can do that, maybe I can do that too. Competition broadens their mind and opens it to new possibilities.

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