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Human Nature - Good Vs. Evil

            From the very beginning of human existence, humans have been ever so curious about the nature of their own beings. Over the years the civilizations have found ways to research this idea. How do we solve it, how do we know what is good what is evil, how do we cleanse ourselves, how do we get better. These all are questions derived from the original, if we are innately good then do we need salvation, if we are innately evil, how do we get saved? We have addressed this problem over centuries of questions and debates some of which have caused wars and famines. As mankind has developed and evolved our way of discovering what is our innate nature and what is learned has become a part of almost everyone's lives. The human condition as it were is as researched, debated, questioned, and discovered, as God himself. It could be argued in fact that the human condition and god are quite the same. We have attempted to address the dichotomy that is our nature and each to their own, however some endeavors have been found more rewarding than others. Maybe the search for god and the search for that, which we truly are, land one in the same place. .
             It could be said that an overwhelming majority of the human race has believed that we were born with some type of evil mark on our souls. That because of the sins of our ancestors our sins were already abounding even at birth. It is only a seemingly natural conclusion to come to when our world has been plagued with a type of evil that seems unwavering. Today, the world has succumbed to chaos, we seem to have this insatiable propensity to war, Ebola is spreading and killing thousands, ISIS is taking hold and thousands more are being martyred, how can one think that humanity is anything but evil at heart? .
             First, before we can go any further, let us define that which we are seeking out. What is evil, and how did we develop the concept of it? In the Webster dictionary evil is described as "morally reprehensible, arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct".

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