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American Fast Food - Influencing the World

            Different culture backgrounds form different diets. Different countries and regions have their very unique dining traditions and diets. Asian countries are mostly famous for their rice and stir-fried dishes, Europeans countries can make very good salads and pastas. However when talking about food it seems like American food is always set up uniquely and flies its own colors. When talking about American food few people would come up with the thought about Thanksgiving turkey and steak, but most people would think about American fast food. As pacing of people's lives gets faster and faster American fast food has become more popular in different countries in recent years. There are many famous American fast food restaurants such as KFS, Pizza Hut and Burger King, which have chain restaurants all over the globe, this fast food lifestyle has influenced many people with its advantage of convenience and taste. This appearance is also called the "fast food culture.".
             In the current society fast food culture has become a mainstream in dining since it is many people's first quick dining choice. Many people are paying little attention to the importance of living a healthy life in such a busy society. Busy people especially busy during the week prefer to have fast food since it is so simple. More Chinese people tend to go to American fast food restaurants since they are much cleaner than many Chinese food restaurants. Parents prefer to feed their kids with fast food when they are too busy to cook. This new dining method has greatly changed many people's original diet and dining customs, French fries and all other similar food items have a large amount of consumers from all ages, men and women, poor and rich. In one word, fast food is popular for nearly everybody. What's more, the fast food industry also has greatly contributed to economy, people's view of values and traditions. The fast food industry brings large profit to government and companies owners and it provided a large number of jobs for people.

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