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The Obligation to Endure by Rachel Carson

            Conscientious researcher Rachel Carson is the author of the book "The Obligation to Endure, " in which she dives in the controversial topic on the unexpected catastrophic effects that chemicals have on earth. Out of all the changes men have done to the environment the most frightening "is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials, " (Carson 604) she states. Carson, an excellent effectual writer, and a marine biologist, is known "as one of the world's most influential environmentalist, " who "helped set the stage for the environmental movement " (604). This book is an extension of her work "The Silent Spring, " in which she underlines the dangers of a very harmful pesticide, for which in turn influenced the creation of a new era where technology is questioned on whether it is beneficial or harmful to everyone on earth. Carson starts the book by addressing her warrant that men have effectively "acquired significant power to alter the " (604) very nature of the world. She explains that once the air, water, and earth become polluted, these chemicals do not simply disappear, but are carried from one thing to another affecting every aspect of nature. Whether it be radiation from explosions, or chemicals used to kill pests, once they are exposed out into the world the effects are not curable. She recognizes that there is a need for control, but have it to where it is based on reality and not fictitious situations. Furthermore, allowing the formula to effectively kill the insects without killing any humans in the process. However, after suggesting a solution to the problem, Carson points to the fact that chemical control has yet to see victory, and may well in fact make things a lot worse. Finally, she concludes by stating that we have accepted these chemicals into our world without any real concrete investigation, allowing industries to feed the public with half truths, and limited awareness of the risks.

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