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The Obligation to Endure by Rachel Carson

            The contamination of our planets earth, air and water is irreversible and has changed the nature of life as we know it. Rachel Carson's article "The Obligation to Endure" was published in 1962, from her book "Silent Spring," she tries to reach out and let people know the damage that has and is happening to our planet Earth, to spread her message that pesticides are dangerous, and public safety should be considered. Carson states this is irreversible damage. Nuclear explosions have released Stronium 90 which is now lodged in the soil and even the bones of human beings (pg 50). Carson claims that contamination of the total environment with substances that accumulate in the tissues of plants and animals and even the potential to alter the human germ plasma by design. Carson writes about pesticides that are sprayed onto crops, forests and gardens stating that the poisons travel through underground streams, from one living organism to another, killing vegetation and entering wells that were once pure drinking water (pg 50-51). Carson explains that the time it would take to undo the harm to nature is generations of lifetimes, and with over 500 new chemicals invented annually it would be futile, as though there are no alternatives to using these chemicals, when in actuality there are many (pg 52-53). .
             Carson leaves out where her scientific evidence was attained, whether the data was from her own research or if they were from another source entirely. However, I do feel that Carson reached her intended audience because shortly after her book was published she was labeled an alarmist from government officials and chemical companies, her work did not go unnoticed by any means. She gives alarming information regarding the use of chemicals and their damaging effects. Rachel Carson is very good at captivating the audience I think her writings move easily from one topic to the next, while her writing style keeps the topic engaging.

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