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The Obligation to Endure by Rachel Carson

            When an individual tries to argue their point, they want to convince and present the argument to people in order to understand their subject and support their opinion. In major cases, an individual will try to use strong facts to help aid their argument so the audience will have exact proof. In the essay "The Obligation to Endure" by Rachel Carson, she strongly expresses the evidence of the damage caused by indiscriminate use of insecticides and the danger of destruction to the earth's balance. Carson claims that all the use of these chemicals and the rapid rate which man is producing synthetic chemicals are slowly and inadvertently poisoning the earth, our food and our bodies. Throughout Carson's essay, she points out "man's war against nature"; for example, by using chemicals on, crops to produce better agriculture, man has too much power and control over nature. The audiences of her essay are the people who use chemicals and who don't realize the effects that they cause on the environment. This article could also be targeted toward those people who are concerned about our relationship with the environment and the things we do to protect it. In Addition, the author goes into great detail about how she believes that people are not well informed about the hazards that are involved with insecticides. She states that we are hurting ourselves more than we benefit ourselves from the spraying of harmful chemicals, and that we endanger our environment with these chemicals. Her argument and support help people understand that the spread of synthetic chemicals is a serious issue that threatening the future generation and could lead to disastrous consequences for humanity.
             Carson makes a strong point that that people are not well informed about the hazards that are involved with insecticides. People don't realize how the chemicals that they use effect more than just the pests that they are trying to get rid of.

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