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My Perception of Happiness

            I once wrote a list of things that makes me happy and I ended up filling more than one page. I then realized how there are endless things that can make a person happy--a lot of things that can make a person smile, a lot of things that can lighten up a person's day. What makes me be in the state of happiness? The simpler things make me the happiest. They are the most beautiful moments I have experienced. A simple smile from a stranger could make my day. If you would give me a bubble wrap, I would be honored to pop every bubble. I appreciate the wind tickling my skin. Every time I remember old lyrics of a song, I feel incredibly happy. It's like having found something that has been lost for too long. When I smell something that reminds me of good memory, I start to feel the same feeling I felt in that memory. I like reading old messages and then I'll realize how stupid I was. Eating, above anything else, makes me happy so so much. Nothing beats the feeling of the first bite of food when you are hungry. Every time I fail a test or I feel toxic, I eat (just joking, I eat all the time). Being with my family and friends would be enough to make me feel joyous. I feel very happy when I achieve something for them. Seeing the ones I love happy makes me glad. Giving random acts of kindness to strangers makes me feel awesome too. Likewise, when I am serving the Lord, I feel very incredible. I love weekends so much! Weekends mean not having to set an alarm for the next day. Worry-free days are the best! If I would be given a chance to go back to innocence, which means no worries, I would gladly take the opportunity. Reality sucks.
             I love the feeling of being important. It makes me really happy. I really appreciate the efforts exerted for me, may it be little or big. I appreciate the presence of someone when I need it. The people who cheer me up lightens up my mood even though I do not show it. I just love the feeling of being missed and the feeling that I am needed.

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