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Gene Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

             In Conventional medicine with the advancements in technology, Gene therapy has become an upwelling in therapeutics and has introduced promising prospects for the prevention and cure of incurable or difficult to cure diseases. With the advent of concern for the growing cases of dementia globally, it has become important to constitute therapeutic methods for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Although much research is still being done in this avenue, gene therapy appears to be opportune. Here we look at some of the research done to approach the Diseases from a genetic standpoint. We have analyzed five different research articles with the aim of understanding this disease at the Genomic level.
             Initially analysis was done on the Duplication of amyloid precursor protein and it was found to be the cause of early onset dementia. It focused on diagnostic techniques and comparative results. A second research was analyzed based on the use of the Nerve Growth Factor to treat cholinergic neuron loss in AD Patients and this was found to not cure the disease but rather slow down the process. Another research presented here investigates the Acat1 Knockdown gene therapy that decreases amyloid – beta plaques. Being obliquely related to the first article, it showed a promising therapeutic index for AD. The forth journal was a characterization of AD based on the build-up of beta-amyloid peptides, hyper-phosphorylated 'tau' and synapse dysfunction in the brain with minor emphasis on the Crtc1 gene. In Our final chapter we analyzed a journal based on WNT 7A signaling and how it promotes dendritic spinal growth and synaptic strength. By fulfilling our aims in this research document, we have been able to present the known information of Alzheimer's disease and analyse some of current possible routes and prospects being investigated with Gene therapy today.
             Gene therapy for Alzheimer's disease- possible routes and prospects.

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