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My Mother: Wonder Woman

             Since her departure in 2006, I recall memories of moments I shared with my loving mother. She wasn't just my mom, she was my "Wonder Woman". Always putting her children and loved ones needs before her own. Her welcoming personality, compassionate, always giving and so full of love. And her magnificent skills of traditional Puerto Rican style cooking will always be remember by friends and family.
             Doña Virgenmina as she was known, was charismatic and had a contagious smile. Her laughter was even more infectious. Just thinking about her laughter and I feel her presence and become overwhelmed with joy. Even if she was feeling sad, she would say one of her favorite quotes in Spanish "Uno no se puede ahogarse en un vaso de agua" (One cannot allow themselves to die drowning in a cup of water). And with that said, she would smile at life's ups and downs. .
             Anyone who had the opportunity of meeting my mom, felt like they obtain another mother. She was a great host making you feel like you were at home. As child, around the age of 10 years old, I remember my friends just wanted to hang out inside our home, because she would pamper them with food and refreshments. Unlike, my dad she wasn't a strict parent with my sister and I. But when we got out of line and misbehaved. She would lay down the rules. It only took a look she would give us; and we would be scared and avoid misbehaving. She wasn't a quick temper physically disciplining parent. She was from the old school. That look she gave us when we misbehave was sufficient. Unlike today, you can see some parents yelling and beating their children to death in order to discipline them. And yet they still misbehave.
             My mom's cooking was heaven on a plate. When you entered our home the enticing aroma of Latin spices would awaken the hungry spirit in your stomach. She knew several ways of making Puerto Rican Style dishes. Rice combination with assorted types of beans, along with baked, roasted, stewed, fried chicken, beef, pork or fish.

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