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My Wonder Woman

            She does not wear a cape and flashy costumes. She wears dresses and designer outfits. She does not have a ton of adoring admirers, yet I am her biggest fan. She may not have mind-reading powers, but she does have the tendency to make someone smile in mere seconds. She is not known for her strength nor her speed, but she's known for her brilliant intelligence and spectacular personality. She does not have any cool superhero name. In fact, her name is not anything but ordinary. There is a woman in my life who is very real, giving, thoughtful, caring, loving, funny, and supportive. This person is very special to me. Being the second child of six children, she grew up to be a very great mother. Finally, my hero is Tracy Rosche, and she has three kids of her own, including me. I admire her because she is extremely funny, always cheerful, and very supportive.
             My mother is the funniest person I know. She is always around to crack a joke and make everybody laugh. One time my little brother fell asleep around six p.m. and she woke him up and told him it was already time for school. How funny is that? Or whenever my brother does not go to bed, she tells him, "If you go to sleep in the next ten minutes I'll give you a dollar tomorrow." Also her laugh can make anybody laugh, even if somebody is having a bad day. Some of her jokes may not be that funny, but she can make them seem hilarious. She is a very humorous person who can also be so cheerful. Not only is my mom funny, but also she is also super cheerful about everything. She is always smiling whenever I see her. She is almost always positive about everything. Even when something bad happens, she tries to find the good out of it. One time when I got a really bad grade, she made it into something positive by helping me get better with the subject and helped me pull my grade up. I admire her for being so cheerful yet so positive.
             So my mom is extremely funny, super cheerful, but overall, she is unconditionally supportive.

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