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Ethical Dilemma - Gender Issues

            In a society where pressure is put on categorizing and classifying newborn babies into the female or male gender, there is little room for ambiguity. However birth defects affiliated with the genitals typically aren't clear. Some doctors unfortunately view these birth defects as a medical emergency, putting pressure onto the already anxious parent, about how to solve the problem. This is where the ethical dilemma comes into play. Should doctors and parents treat ambiguous genitalia as a medical emergency, by forgoing genital assignment treatments or should treatment be left up to the child when he or she is an adult? The answer is that it is not a medical emergency, and that a decision of that stature should not be made lightly. When faced with the reality that the wrong gender may be assigned to a child, parents may have to deal with the repercussions of conflict within their child's identity.
             ​ The controversy surrounding ambiguous genitalia and gender reassignment treatments is something that needs to be treated carefully and thoughtfully. The ways in which one views him or herself has to do a lot with gender identity and how others perceive them. Self-identity is lost when gender reassignments are false fully given, it can truly have detrimental effects on ones livelihood. A child with ambiguous genitalia may feel displaced among its peers, especially around the age of puberty, and when sex starts to become a prevalent part of life. However their choice to chose or not to chose a gender should solely be up to them. Although, an ambiguous genitalia is hard for a child, it may be also hard for the parent to deal with as well. Parents need to also change the ways in which they think and view their child, because the attitude of the parent may have in impact of the overall attitude of the child in the end.
             ​The ways in which we view ambiguous genitalia and gender reassignment in this country needs to change, if we are ever going to be able to tackle these birth defects in the right way.

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