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The American Version of Chinese Food

            America, the country of the melting pot. Lots of different people from different regions have lived here peacefully for generations. Meanwhile, the cultures and food they have brought to this country have taken root among us. Some of them preserved their originality, and some of them has been evolved to be suitable for American's unique identity itself. Since Chinese food had been brought since 19th century by Chinese immigrants. Nowadays, it is clear that Chinese food clan has been mainly divided into two categories: Americanized Chinese food and Authentic Chinese food. Characteristic wise, they have been discerned into 3 categories from ingredients, taste, and cooking method. Generally, Americanized Chinese food are considered fast. Authentic Chinese food are considered slow. .
             In the America, we like to eat meat a lot. Americanized Chinese food focus on the dishes mainly meat. Vegetables, rice and noodles are considered as side dish. With authentic Chinese dishes, the opposite is true. Some of the western ingredients in general are not used in Chinese dishes, such as broccoli, onion and dairy product. Americanized Chinese food in general like to stay far away from some wired ingredients, Such as Chicken feet, pig ear, and animal internal organs. Authentic Chinese food considering them such a delicacy. Some say "Chinese will eat anything with legs, but table". Of course, they will scare away most of Americans due to food culture indifference. .
             Cooking Method .
             Perhaps the main cooking method that used for Americanized Chinese food is sauté and deep-fry. Most of the food are prepared either by a wok or deep fryer, because by such methods which could maximize the time efficiency during a busy lunch time due to America's fast paced rhythm. Traditional Chinese food may have various cooking methods, such as stewing, stem, boiling, and baking. Most of them requires long period of time to prepare.

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