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The Impact of Huricane Katrina

             Hurricane Katrina was one of the largest urban disasters in history. The response time for organizations and the recovery time for the area overall was extremely disheartening for many. The extended response time and ineffective planning left many without homes and unable to resume the lives they had. The area was plagued with power outages and consequent of this; looting and crime became an overwhelming issue and a main area of focus instead of rescuing people (United States, 2005). There were many factors that played into the rebuilding process and the delayed assimilation of residents. One areas of great instability was temporary housing for displaced people, it not only requires adequate structures that are safe for families to temporarily reside, but also ample programs to assist with the transitioning in and out of the temporary communities (Olshansky, 150). However, with lessons learned during their response to Katrina, FEMA is implementing programs and practices to help resolve or improve this issue. A specific pilot program of interest is the "alternative housing program " (FEMA). This program aims to better gage the needs and responsibilities of the federal government with the implementation and integration of assistance for displaced residence. This program will increase the housing options for victims, representing alternative selections differing from the "standard FEMA solutions " (FEMA). A program like this, offering strategically planned housing options could have reduced the number of people stranded in the Silver dome after the levee broke and further flooded the area (Robinson). Although there are several areas of improvement, temporary housing is an area FEMA, and other organizations, are working to improve. Generally, strategic planning from all levels of government with proper communication will be necessary in order to provide a better outcome for future disasters.

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