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Experiencing Hurricane Katrina

            Have you ever been through something so traumatizing and devastating that it gave you nightmares? One of my worst experiences was of hurricane Katrina. Everything was unexpected from the time we were informed, during the storm, and even the aftermath. One thing I can say is that it was one unforgettable experience. One beautiful morning I was sitting in the living room eating breakfast before school, as usual, when something caught my attention. The news anchor was informing us of a tropical storm forming in the Bahamas. Predictions said it would be in route for Louisiana. It really didn't bother me because we rode out every other storm so this one here was just going to be a breeze. Later on I would find out I was totally wrong. They issued a mandatory evacuation of the entire city. By us living on the outsurts we still were thinking "How bad could it really be?" With our minds still made up we started preparation.
             Rather sooner than later my father gathered up all the wood he had brought and started boarding up all the windows. We even had a couple sandbags just in case the water level was to rise. As for my mom she took care of all the food we would need for the next couple of days, with me alongside her of course. It looked as if we were not the only family ignoring the mandatory evacuation by the look of how crowded the stores were. Slowly but surely the days started passing. I remember those past couple of days like it was yesterday. .
             The time has finally came, and as I stood outside the winds were so strong I was basically getting blown around. When looking up at the beautiful red-orange sky I knew what was coming after wasn't going to be pretty. After a while you could hear how the winds started picking up and blowing around objects unknown to me in the wind hitting everything in its path. Each raindrop hit our windows so viciously, I could still hear them in the back of my head as of today.

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